Army No204232
CommissionedNot set
Date Of WoundsNot set
Died Killed1918-09-18
Death DetailsShot for desertion
Enlisted DateNot set
Enlisted Location
Date Of BirthNot set
Birth Place
DischargedNot set
Theatre Of War
Date Of EntryNot set
Z Class
Surname Spellings
Other InfoPrivate Young was already serving under a two year suspended sentence for absence and striking a superior officer, when he went missing again. This offence had been committed just two months before the end of hostilities, when Private Young found himself in action for the first time. During heavy shelling in which the dugout had been blown in, Young made his way to the rear. Although at his court martial he was convicted of desertion, had evidence been available at the time a charge of cowardice might have been preferred. At his trial little or no regard was paid to statements made by him in defence of his actions and he was executed by firing squad on the 18th September 1918. He was 21 years of age. Private Young is buried at the Karasouli Military Cemetery, Greece. The cemetery is near the town of Polikastron (formerly Karasouli) which lies some 56 Km from Thessalonika (Grave number D.885.).


11th Battalion Worcestershire Regiment 204232 Private

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